I followed the chirp of the golden chaffinch, glistening in the sun

I followed the chirp of the golden chaffinch, glistening in the sun,

And dragonfly drones decorating the meandering river flowing beneath our hill,

Up and over the brow and into our camp site, known locally as grandma’s acre, the sacred place of the Cailleach (divine hag),

Once in time this acre provided sustenance and nurtured the healing presence of the tribal medicine woman,

Once more we are privileged in this amphitheatre, full with bristling, rustling whispering foliage of greenery,

It is here on this earthen floor we plan to sit, move and sleep nurtured by the aromas of open fire cooking and mountain perfumes.

Why would we do this family constellations work in the middle of nowhere?

Embracing all of the elements, grounded in the roots of our peoples, held by the energy of mother nature and connected across our generations that have already passed?

Why not just book a comfy room with filter coffee, surround sounds and fruity teas?

In our creation of this healing space we temporarily remove ourselves from the life space, of perpetuating unwanted patterned behaviours & harbouring of complex relational challenges for ourselves, families and community,

Together we will hold a safe supportive communal circle, entering into a mutual world of temporary connected community,

Swaddled by nature; rooted in our tribal heritage; and held by the wisdom of our ancestors; opens up the opportunity to enhance an even deeper healing experience, during this five days of family constellations work,

Why not!

– Liam MacGabhann

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