Rooting constellations in tribe, the wheel of life & the elements that bind us

In this time of decay, death, rejuvenation and rebirth
I am mulched into the earth, warmed by the fire, and serenaded by the wind and rain
Yet snug in this hibernation state, grateful for the time to be here
In and out of melancholic slumber, face in the earth, I smell the distant aromas of fond ones passed.
At this seasonal time of dying, where elders pass and others contemplate their lives in the scheme of things
Where the elements are so present, even by their absence
And the cycle of life once more opens the space for contemplation of who we are and where we belong
Emotions run free and we are expanded to the we, the joined up systemic ‘us’ that forms our tribe, our roots, our identity.
I am reminded of an important transition in our establishing Constellations Camp Ireland
Family Constellations is a wonderful and profound collective healing experience, to be indulged anywhere
When we dreamed this camp, we wondered at how the constellations experience could be enhanced and supported.
In the orders of love, systemic anchors include roots, land, family, tribe, collective consciousness and cultural belonging.
The camp evolves according to the seasonal cycles and rites of the cycle of life
No coincidence that it revolves around summer solstice, vitality and natures abundance
Imagining the second seasonal cycle beginning on winter solstice, to the experience of our next camp
I am excited once more, that a sacred cultural space will be opened, for dialogue and collective healing
That we will merge once more with nature, away from our 3D world

All day and night we will touch the earth, connect with our roots, in communion with circles of friends we will forge a collective rhythm
From the earthen fires we will nourish our souls, our bodies and our ancestral connection
The flittering, enticing, sometimes spicy essence of hill top air filling our senses and a touching of cosmic infinity
And the bountiful cauldron ushering abundant water of life into our daily lives

In this place, on this plain, in this way, the depth of systemic connection to present and past
family, community and tribe is amplified
The heart can open, the spirit can sing, inclusion and belonging inspired
And if even for a week we can truly connect to all who belong, who can belong
All that are gone, and find our place in this earthen community, then we are gifted.

In melancholic slumber I dream, I remember life emerging from the subterranean tendrils of earthen fungi
I feel the draw, hear the voices, feel the pulses of all who came before, that made me
I am witness to the dawning of a new season, the sun risings
And a midsummers dance on Grandma’s acre at our next immersive family constellations
Aaaah…nearly time to awake, to emerge, to venture out once more!

– Liam MacGabhann