We Are Here

We came together as a group of facilitators, reeling from the clarity that had come into our lives as a result of our training, and wildly passionate about the possibility of sharing this work with others.

We drove all over the country to meetings, we shared out the roles, we drank tea and discussed with deep honesty, we did constellations, we walked the field, measured and built the yurt and slowly but surely Constellations Camp Ireland was born.

As a group of eight we are collectively committed to the healing work of Family Constellations because we can see, first hand, the powerful healing changes in our own lives, so we will be in that field in beautiful Wicklow in June with our laughter and our pain and our openness, eager to continue this magical journey we have embarked upon.

The order and flow of love that is waiting in our family systems to be acknowledged and embraced will wait until we are ready, and we are ready. Are you? If so come join us, we would love to see you.

The river never looks back.

– Roisin Fallon