“This camp is the most inspiring highlight of my year. I come away bursting with creativity, love, and a warm and open heart. It leads to magic in my life, real magic! The showers, the river, the sweat lodge, my circle (always the best) deep listening, deep sharing, profound healing in a beautiful space surrounded and held by Mother Nature. Can’t wait for next year!”
Poppy Altmann, yearly attendee



Thank you so much for this wonderful experience at constellations camp! I feel nourished and enlivened 🙂

We were blessed with the beautiful set up and location, the river nearby.. brilliant facilities, living in utmost comfort in the field of the cailleach. The organisers so friendly and made me feel at home at once. I am really grateful for all their hard work in organising and running the camp, as well as how beautifully they held the space.

Overall the camp was a deeply healing experience for me. I am touched by the deep connections, love, openness and acceptance of the other people. It was deeply moving sharing in the healing processes of others, seeing how many of us face the same issues. Coming together in our humanness away from the whirlwind of society.. Times of tears, distress, emotional release, balanced with others of intense joy and laughter 🙂

I feel honoured and grateful to have taken part in the constellations workshops (first time). I’m delighted to discover this powerful healing process and its many revelations on family energy dynamics..fascinating and so important. Realisations and emotional releases. Along with the different exercises and rituals I am left with a deeper felt connection with, and love and respect for, my parents and grandparents, ancestors. The exercise in a pair of being the other person’s heart was very powerful.

The solstice and opening/closing ceremonies were beautiful and connected me with my Irish ancestors and mother earth. Song and dance were really lovely.

The sweatlodge in particular was highly sacred for me, bringing me close to all the elements, reconnecting with myself, with pure love and hearkening the call of the ancestors to the earth. Also enjoyed the shared experience through expressions of gratitude, intentions and song.

Thanks so much, hope to see you next year! :)”

Saorla Molloy 



“I’d read quite a bit about family constellation therapy but had never experienced this modality before last year. I am so glad that my first experience was as it was, in a stunning location surrounded by truly decent people, both seasoned experts and new people like me. The camp was such a warmly and safely held space, and as a camping experience itself it suited even the most rookie of campers, we even got an impromptu lesson on how to create the perfect camp fire and how best to enjoy and participate in the wonderful sweat lodge that transpired every evening. The constellation sessions themselves were an honour to witness and take part in, amazing to see the realisations that occurred for so many people and the subsequent heightened awareness and understanding that came for both the people whose constellations were being enacted and those who were both partaking and witnessing. I really can’t recommend the experience highly enough. If you love connecting with nature, if you have curiosity about your place in your particular family dynamic, if you would like to experience both those things in a wonderful place surrounded by wonderfully supportive people, well I’ll see you there this year”.

Grainne Carr


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