First Constellation camp in Ireland

As the New Year enters I am delighted with the developments happening in Ireland and the formation of this new camp. I want to acknowledge all of the core team who have already done so much work in getting the website up and running, thinking about venue, yurt, programme etc. There is masses to be done as anyone who has ever done any organising knows.

As anyone involved with constellation work already knows, it is important to acknowledge history and our ancestors. John Bowker was the person who first invited me to Earthsong camps in Ireland several years ago, after attending a constellation during one of the Unicorn camps in England. I will always be grateful to him for that initial introduction and for my ongoing attendance at the Harvest camp run by him.

Following this, Lorraine Ni Ghairbhith was responsible for organising numerous workshops which I came to Ireland to run over many years and I appreciate the hard work she put into that which helped to form a strong core of people associated with the work in Ireland.

I am hoping this new development of our own Constellations Camp will be the first of many and that the constellation work will continue to flourish in Ireland as a result. We now have a strong core of people already trained or undergoing training in constellation work, not only through myself but through others elsewhere in Ireland. I will still be running constellations as part of the Harvest camp as usual.

During an intense family time over the Xmas period with my four grandchildren very much the central focus, I came away with two important thoughts for 2016:

Speaking your truth may cause a lot more turbulence and unrest short term but in the long run, it makes for better relationships and a more fulfilling time.

Watch your assumptions and fixed ideas about yourself, others and the environment. Allow yourself to be surprised! People, places, the planet as a whole, are constantly moving and changing.

I look forward to seeing some of you at the camp in 2016 and beyond!

My good wishes for the New Year.